On January 12th, 2016 LGBTQ activists and their allies from all over the state of Alabama united to demand the removal of the disgraced Chief Justice Roy Moore.  More than 120 citizens of Alabama gathered and over 60 ethics complaints were filed against the Chief Justice for his blatant disregard of the law.  Months later, Roy Moore responded with a scathing press release via his attorneys, Liberty Counsel.  In the release, he personally targeted our dear friend, Ambrosia Starling by incorrectly accusing her of being an “admitted transvestite” and holding a mock wedding on the steps of the Alabama Supreme Court “in open defiance”.  That wedding was, in fact, sanctioned by the State of Alabama and was performed by an ordained minister of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Tuscaloosa, Rev. Fred Hammond.  (Open Letter from Rev. Fred Hammond) Roy went on to claim that Ambrosia and her followers “would have been prescribed a mental illness until 2013.” Read Below for Ambrosia Starling’s response to the suspended Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore.
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Roy Moore:

You have made much of the intent of my actions on January 12, 2016. I would like to explain them to you so that not only you but all may understand that what I have done is no more than exercise the same rights entitled to any citizen of America, those rights being: Freedom of Assembly and Due Process of Law. These freedoms are set forth in the Constitution of the United States and confirmed in the Bill of Rights by our Founding Fathers who meant for us to use them.

You, sir, have accused me of soliciting complaints by providing forms and proper instructions on how to fill them out. I have not found ONE lawyer who agrees with you. You told reporters that I am to be grateful that charges were not brought against me for holding a “mock” wedding which actually was duly licensed by the State of Alabama and for which a legal marriage certificate was signed by an ordained minister. I have not found ONE lawyer who deems this to be illegal. You have attempted to declare that I have a mental disorder for using my celebrity to bring attention to your blatant disregard for the Supreme Court of the United States and your disrespect for the honored due process of law. The Judicial Inquiry Commission for the State of Alabama seems to think I am quite mentally stable, as are more than 50 fellow citizens who have filed such complaints.

You have made much of my actions and those of over 120 United States citizens residing in Alabama while trying to escape the blame for your own actions. In all reality, neither I nor any citizen of Alabama has shown you as much disrespect as you have shown for yourself and your fellow citizens. Your attempts to manipulate laws and due process of law against any citizen are a disgrace to your elected office. Your attempts to withhold hard-won civil rights and constitutional liberties from people you do not even know or understand dishonor the state in which you hold that office. Quite frankly, sir, the lack of respect that you have shown for the Supreme Court of the United States and our country’s Constitution is also an insult to the many sacrifices of our veterans who have defended them both.

I apologize that it pains you so to see the United States of America fulfill the Pledge of Allegiance, to finally begin to give liberty and justice to all its citizens. I am sorry that it fills you with despair to see the dream of our Founding Fathers come to fruition as we move towards a place where all men are created equal. I pity you for not wanting to see Americans standing together with dignity and respect for their fellow citizens. Yet I cannot allow your hatred of these things to disrespect the service of my family and friends who have defended this country.

I will not stand idly by while you viciously and wrongly use your office to persecute and harass any of the citizens of Alabama that you so choose. As you are succeeding so well in your endeavors, I am sure none of this means anything to you, but I believe that it will matter to both the history of these United States and the future generations of Alabama.


Sincerely yours,

Ambrosia Starling, DRAG QUEEN


P.S.  My “political agenda” only has 3 small words I hope you understand: HAVE GOOD MANNERS. This requires something I am sure you’ve never heard of – Mutual Respect. Try it, you might even like it!

View the full video of the January 12th, “Remove Roy Moore Rally” proudly organized by Equality Wiregrass, Montgomery Humanists, Free2Be, HRC Alabama, among many other volunteers and organizations.
Video Courtesy of: Gary Wright

Photographs courtesy of Christiane Robinson from LGBTQ Alabama Event and Wedding Photography