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EW’s Keith Ingram sat down to talk to Drag Star Ambrosia Starling

Starling is Committed to Running for Governor and Ousting the corruption in Alabama.

(EW) – Ambrosia Starling will be a guest on the Jason Childs Radio Show, June 5th at 2pm CST,   Call 914-205-5696 to speak to the host and Alabama’s favorite freedom-fighting drag queen and thank her for standing up to Roy Moore.


As I’m sure most of our followers have heard by now, Ambrosia Starling, a Wiregrass native, drag-queen and tireless advocate for the LGBTQ community has recently been in the news after reminding Roy Moore to “mind his manners” after he viciously attacked her.  Her response to the desperate attacks of Roy Moore sparked national headlines. 

“I am crazy for democracy,” Starling said. “I’m insane for civil rights and better behavior. I am out of my mind when I see people losing their manners and disrespecting people they don’t know.” Ambrosia Starling –

Earlier today, I called my good friend Ambrosia,  I asked her, what’s next for Ambrosia Starling?

“I would like to give people a call to action, it’s time to get people involved in their own governments, you can vote!” she said.



We talked about several issues still facing our community including the 11 counties in Alabama that are not issuing marriage licenses to any couples, in order to avoid issuing to a same-sex couple. She then went on to talk about these so called “Religious Freedom” laws and how they are wasting precious resources that could be much better used somewhere else.

Ambrosia began rambling, [They are]…”Costing these states, these 11, 12, 13 how many states of stupidity? Costing them millions of dollars each… not one of these states can afford it…“ “These politicians are just trying to stir up the pot so they can fill their campaign funds”

“It Flabbergasts me, they know their states are broke and financially hurting but they are doing it any way and they are spending the states money for their own agenda but for no other reason than to sell a license to hate.”

She went on to say,

“Do you know how many soup kitchens Matt Staver could have run with all the money Liberty Counsel has collected? Matt Staver could have fed the homeless in Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi for years.”
“I’m not talking about no jail house meal, with a bologna sandwich and a pack of ketchup, I mean a real meal”
“We need to just come in with one fell swoop. It’s very simple. Prohibit states from discriminating against any one segment of the population. That’s it. Laws intentionally targeting one part of the population is discrimination, don’t do it, we can save millions of dollars in the future”

Ambrosia and I talked about the lack of job protections for the LGBTQ community amidst the already challenging right to work, fire at will, laws in the state of Alabama

 “Job protection is taking longer but it’s just as important. Girl, how you gonna pay for that wedding?” she asked.


In case you missed the Jason Childs Show featuring, Ambrosia Starling you can catch up here.