An out Gay mayor in Holyoke, Massachusetts is being attacked for a second time this week for his homosexuality. He’s been the barraged with the usual messages, and tweets any gay politician expects in public life. However, a note he received last week goes a little too far.

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It wasn’t signed. He posted to his Facebook page Friday, that he isn’t concerned with “anonymous mail”, but this message he needed to share. Mayor Morse told the Boston Globe:

“It’s different than writing a note that says, ‘I don’t support gay marriage,’ or ‘I don’t support rights for someone, But to demean someone’s humanity based on their sexuality takes it to another level.”

Well, thank you sir. Anonymous hate mail isn't uncommon and doesn't typically bother me, but given we have a…

Posted by Alex Morse on Friday, November 18, 2016

And now someone has added “Sucks Literally” and “” to one of his election posters displayed prominently around Holyoke.

There is no reason to believe that attacks like these will decrease as Donald Trump assumes the role of President of the United States.

Morse has stated that he will file a criminal report about the note.