Another example of the pain that conversion therapy brings to our community, this time the ultimate price was paid for the hope of achieving normalcy. Linda, and Rob Robertson forced their son Ryan to attend weekly reparative meetings. It would be the start of a downward spiral into drugs, alcohol, and depression that would ultimately cost Ryan his life.

“What we had wished for … prayed for … hoped for … that we would NOT have a gay son, came true,” Linda writes. “But not at all in the way we used to envision. Suddenly our fear of Ryan someday having a boyfriend… seemed trivial in contrast to our fear of Ryan’s death.”.

Linda was terrified of her son’s homosexuality, the real threat to his life was trying to change Ryan into something he was not. After years of depression, and drug abuse Ryan overdosed, and fell into a coma; dying 17 days later. The turmoil created by conversion therapy is ultimately responsible for his state of mind and his death. Our hearts go out to Linda, and Rob for the loss of their son, and hope that his story can save another teen’s life.

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