Homophobes: You are Deviant, and Disordered.

by | Dec 3, 2016 | Features

Oh, Homophobes. I would assume you can read the multitudinous evidence countering the idea of homosexuality as disordered behaviour. What baffles me about the position you bigots take, is that you accuse us of stubbornness, or intellectual laziness when there is 40 years worth of psychological study refuting that “homosexuality” is a mental disorder. You shake, and fume, and foam at the mouth and scream,

“Deviants! Deviants, and Disordered!”

I hate to tell you, no, I love to tell you this: deviation is normal.

deviant [de´ve-ant] Oxford English Dictionary
1. varying from a determinable standard.
2. a person with characteristics varying from what is considered standard or normal.
3. Departing from usual or accepted standards, especially in social or sexual behaviour:

What’s wrong with deviants anyway? Do they make you feel uncomfortable in that fascist utopia that is your mind? Do they assault your sense of propriety? Does their lack of convention cause you to question your way of life? Why is it that everyone must act a certain way for you to be comfortable? What intellectual malfunction allows you to accept the deviance that drives innovation, but scorn it from your neighbours, kids, and fellow parishioners?

Albert Einstein was a deviant, Bob Dylan was a deviant, Dylan Thomas was a deviant, Steve Jobs was a deviant; for that matter, all geniuses are by definition, deviants. Deviants propel the world forward. Deviants put rockets in space (e.g., Elon Musk), and explore the human soul (e.g., Jack Kerouac, Maya Angelou). Deviants create masterpieces of expression (e.g., Mozart, Michaelangelo, Jackson Pollock) and expand the boundaries of human knowledge.

The man who created computers, Alan Turing was a deviant “homosexual”. By your reckoning, we should have put him in treatment, or locked him up for the good of society (whatever the hell that means). Had Turing been fashioned into something more “normal”, more acceptable to your fascist mind, we wouldn’t have computers today. To do great things, to innovate requires a deviant mind, a mind that is not satisfied with the status quo. It’s the indescribable differential that spurs creativity.

So, go forth beautiful deviants and create!

Dylan, Einstein, Musk, Jobs, Thomas, Kerouac, Angelou
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Dylan, Einstein, Musk, Jobs, Thomas, Kerouac, and Angelou

Amongst the people of the free world, Homophobes are now the deviants. They are deviating from the accepted social norm. Should society prescribe reparative therapy for you, or should you be allowed to go about your life freely expressing your thoughts?

We know how you think, we have a history of oppression showing how you’d like to deal with deviants. You’re scared that since your speech and behaviours are becoming deviant, we will oppress you as you have oppressed us. That we will force you to conform, to our new idea of ‘normal’. That’s what you did, right? You’re nervous we might prescribe reparative therapy, or perhaps a Transorbital Lobotomy to kerb your deviant impulses. But, you see, allowing you the freedom to believe as you will, will keep us all free. It is the hallmark of a free society, no, it is its legacy.

Remember, it is the people of a society whom create its laws, so be thankful that we social liberals refuse to imprison, or commit you for your homophobic or racist disorders. LGBT People, on the other hand, were Burned alive, disembowelled, beheaded, shot, lynched, hung, imprisoned, castrated, and psychologically tortured — in chronological order — for our deviance, and in some parts of the world, this continues. Anyone who says we should imprison someone for what they say, or how they think is not a liberal and that includes some elements of the left. Liberals, above all, should cherish liberty, it’s in our name.

Until deviance creates a behaviour that harms another, (e.g., Pedophilia), you are free to express it any way you see fit. That is the essence of a free society.

With that in mind, Homophobia which seeks to limit the freedom of others, and which is behind multiple attacks, and murders must be a disorder.

It drives people and nations to kill, imprison, ostracise, and restrict the activities of LGBT people. It leads groups of thugs to beat, torture, and kill people for their effeminacy, or the way they dress, or the way they talk, or who they love. It promotes legislation that limits the freedoms of people without just cause, which is a direct violation of the 14th amendment. For the life of me, I can’t find a rational explanation for what that all prevents. How exactly would “homosexuality” destroy society?

You bandy about the word disorder because it makes you feel superior, but to be disordered requires that the subject is “exhibiting behaviour that show signs of distress” DSM-V. As you can read in any psychological journal — even those from 50’s and 60’s — the gays are happy, that’s why they call us gay. “Socially deviant behaviour (e.g., political, religious, or sexual) and conflicts that are primarily between the individual and society are not mental disorders.” DSM-V. We’re fine, just the way we are, we just need you to let it go.

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The real problem is that we offend your religious texts, and we offend your view of the natural order. Poor thing, do you need a safe space? The Bible and the Qu’ran aren’t constitutional documents, they don’t dictate our freedoms, and creating a national policy that relies in any part, on “natural order” is a trait of totalitarian regimes.

If religious texts dictated our freedoms, we would then be a Theocracy, and that’s exactly what the first Americans were fleeing. If we ascribe to the ideas of “natural order” we end up Fascists. Religious freedom means freedom to practice your religion, free of interference from any other religion or a state sanctioned religion. It means freedom from interference of your religious observance, as long as that observance does no harm to another. It doesn’t mean you can freely harm others if your religion calls for it. Natural order? Are you sure “homosexuality” isn’t rampant in nature? When is Mike Pence going to fund a clinic providing conversion therapy for penguins?

“Ultimately, America’s answer to the intolerant man is diversity, the very diversity which our heritage of religious freedom has inspired.”

Robert Kennedy

Tolerance of deviants is the very meaning of diversity. It extends to all kinds of deviation from social norms including religion.  The allowance of deviation is the very meaning of freedom. Restricting behaviour, and speech you find offensive — but hurts no-one — for the good of the people is straight out of the Fascist playbook. We’re sorry that our deviance interferes with your dream of a tasteful Victorian society, but that vision isn’t freedom. If you truly love freedom, you would love that we are free to express our love. You would be glad that you live in a society in which people do things you find repugnant because it means we could never imprison, or commit you for your deviant, repugnant homophobic disorder.