Alabama’s right-wing Activist Judge, Roy Moore strikes again. Roy Moore has issued an administrative order today aimed at same-sex marriage rights, the goal of which can only be political. At a time when the state budget is continually in crisis, Roy Moore thought it prudent to spend state money attacking the LGBT citizens of Alabama hard won freedom to marry, and to what end?

Courtesy of Equality Case Files

According to the Southern Poverty Law center this is not a ruling, and means absolutely nothing for our right to marry in Alabama.

“Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore today issued a dead letter. In no way does his administrative order supersede Judge Granade’s federal injunction prohibiting probate judges from enforcing discriminatory Alabama marriage laws. If probate judges violate the injunction, they can be held in contempt. This is Moore yet again confusing his role as chief justice with his personal anti-LGBT agenda.”


Roy Moore states that he is empowered to “take affirmative and appropriate action to correct or alleviate any condition or situation adversely affecting the administration of justice within the state.” He described inaccurately a “disparity” between how probate judges are applying the supreme court ruling, ignoring the order of Judge Granade to comply fully with the Supreme Court’s decision that Same-Sex marriage is legal. He claims probate judges “have a ministerial duty not to issue any marriage license contrary to the Alabama Sanctity of Marriage Amendment”. He paints a picture in which the same-sex marriage laws in Alabama are unclear, and somehow subject to other federal circuit courts ongoing arguments. Our circuit court has already ruled, there is no more conversation, the case is closed.

Is Roy Moore unclear about the ruling? Is he blinded by his goals? No, Judge Roy Moore understands the law. 

It seems clear that Roy Moore is using this action to stir up support for personal gain. It is almost criminal that he misuse his office to invest in his own future political goals by issuing “dead letters” to probate judges who are bound by a higher court to act in opposition of his orders. Standing up for your constituencies’ wishes is one thing, pandering to those supporters with a useless letter, and spending taxpayer money to write it is another. This order will not give his supporters what they want, and he knew that when he wrote it.

Moore’s supporters should be troubled that he would use his office for political gain. The Citizens of Alabama won’t gain from this order, his supporters won’t gain from this order, only Judge Roy Moore will.

At the time of this update Houston County, Alabama is still issuing marriage licenses.