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Harper Lee: Champion of Tomboys

It has been one year since the death of Harper Lee. Reading the news last year, I recall feeling a sad inevitability: all of her generation is passing. She is rightly praised for how her works illuminate the human character, at its best and its worst, in the context of racial inequality. I’d like to praise her for something else, though. I’d like to praise and thank her for her tomboy, Scout. I’ve always thrilled at the mention of Harper Lee. She was from small-town Alabama; I was from just across the river in small-town Georgia, one generation later....

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So Much for a Little Breathing Room

Donald Trump’s second week in office started out much like his first: a barrage of bombast, chaos and confusion to a backdrop of vociferous popular protests. This time it was over his Executive Order barring Muslim travelers–refugees and immigrants from seven majority-Muslim countries–entry into the US. The massive confusion and outrage that attended the immediate implementation of the ban all but stopped passenger travel at several airports. Trump’s week was like a waterspout that rains frogs: fascinating, disgusting, and leaving a stinky, nasty mess for others to clean up. White House rumors were rampant. We posted on our Facebook...

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