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During Minimum Wage Discussion, N.C. Pastor Mentions LGBTQ Rights

Several nationally known clergy led a discussion Monday night in Birmingham promoting a higher minimum wage, Medicaid expansion and expanding benefits and rights for the poor. The takeaway for us of course, was that during this conversation one of the pastors mentioned LGBTQ rights as grouped with other minority groups needing equal treatment. The south does appear to be changing, one step at a time.  By Greg Garrison |  Email the author | Follow on Twitter The religious service was broadcast nationally by live-stream video. “People of faith, we can no longer be silent,” said the Rev. William Barber II, pastor...

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Alabama High Schools; Decades Behind

36 years ago the Courts ruled in Fricke v. Lynch, that students must be allowed to go to prom with the date of their choice, regardless of sex. Yet, many Alabama High School’s are still decades behind… Equality Wiregrass was contacted today and spoke to several students from Cottonwood High School.  We were told that during a discussion about fundraisers and prom tickets in class Wednesday, a female student was said to have asked her teacher;   “I’m not going to have a date;  So, can I bring my friend and she and I go to the prom together?”, We were...

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